What am I supporting by making one-off or monthly donation?


Online Breakdown:

• Uploading lectures ("You Will Never Look at Your Life in the Same Way Again | Eye-Opening Speech" - over 32.5 million accumulative views online across both Facebook and YouTube.
• Filmmaking: most recent project - Land of Hope and Glory, currently developing Surge Media & Investigations.

•  Creating free resources (122 page free e-book '30 Non-Vegan Excuses and How to Respond to Them' - downloaded by over 50,000 vegans + '30 Days, 30 Excuses' video series).
• Educational videos.  
• Multiple format street interviews and conversations.

Offline Breakdown:

• Screening Land of Hope and Glory to university students.
• Full days of virtual reality outreach at universities.
Speeches and lectures in universities to non-vegans.
• Global free lectures and workshops with the aim of inspiring and empowering vegans to speak up for animals (total accumulative number of speeches: 71 in a 12 month period - over half of those speeches being to non-vegans).
• Organising and attending outreach events.
• Extensive research into the animal enterprises (e.g built LHG Facts Page: 6 months of research alongside the filmmaking process).
Television & radio appearances.
• Helping new vegans.
• Coaching new activists.

Surge Breakdown:

• Founding and directing Surge, development and direction of all campaigns, projects, resources and media.
• Founding and organising The Official Animal Rights March and working to turn it into a global event (succeeding in a growth of 2,500 participants in London in 2016 to 28,000 participants across the world in 2018).
• Developing, launching and directing Unity Diner, a vegan and non-profit diner in London (all profits go towards campaigns and building a brand new sanctuary for rescued animals).
• Developing a new sanctuary in the UK.
• Travelling the UK inThe Big Vegan Activism Van for seven + months.
• Creating and producing graphics, resources and leaflets (more currently in development).
• Releasing undercover investigations(currently expanding under Surge Media & Investigations).
• Building a strong core team and working on developing as a new animal rights organisation.
• Campaigning to ban fur from London Fashion Week (2016 - 2018), resulting in a 100% fur-free catwalk by September 2018.


Monitored Challenge 22 and VeganEasy signs ups from ‘Earthling Ed’ content tracked in a twelve month period: 33,248

Figures do not account for those who have gone vegan from events, investigations, filmmaking projects, offline speeches and lectures, or those who have gone vegan from the variety of online content without using either of the mentoring websites.


My Patreon support has allowed my activism to expand from street interview uploads on YouTube into everything above. To be able to broaden my work so much has been incredible and I cannot express my gratitude enough to everyone who has made this on-going progression possible. Due to the support I receive on Patreon, I am able to pay a full-time salaried staff member in order to keep my workload sustainable and new goals achievable. 

I am constantly working on the development of new projects and ideas, with the aim of devoting my Patreon support to ensuring as many people as possible are reached with the vegan message and that my work is always evolving and reaching more people. 

I will remain forever grateful to the activists whose incredible work had such a life-changing impact on me, if it was not for them it's most likely I would still be culturally-indoctrinated myself, and therefore it feels only right that I give back to the world what I have received.

I hope you can join me in fighting for a vegan world.