Thank you for messaging my Facebook page!

Hello! Thank you for messaging me on Facebook. Sadly due to the volume of messages I get it is not possible for me to read or reply to every message I receive. However, I really want to make sure your message gets answered in some way, which is why I've made this page. The vast majority of the messages I receive are either questions related to going vegan, or questions about how to get active. 

  • If you've messaged me with an argument against or question about veganism, such as "what will happen to all of the animals if the world goes vegan?" or "but don't plants feel pain too?" then either download my e-book to read, or head over to this page to search through my video series debunking 30 of the top excuses against going vegan.

  • If you've messaged me asking me how you can get involved in activism, please watch this video I made especially for people looking to get involved (thank you for wanting to get active)!

  • If you've messaged me asking me a question related to going vegan, such as "how do I get my B12?" or "but do I really need to stop eating fish, do they actually feel pain?" then please sign up to Veganuary and Challenge22, where every question you have will be answered.

  • If you've messaged me your support, honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do this. I'm so sorry if I can't get back to you directly - but please know I'm eternally grateful to you for believing in what I do.

  • If you've messaged me asking how you can support what I do, please see my support page (thank you so much!).

  • If you've messaged me regarding an event, speech, workshop or media appearance then please contact me via this page.

Thank you so much for getting in touch - and I'm sorry if I can't get back to you directly.