FREE E-Book 30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How to Respond to Them:

Over 50,000 + downloads & 122 pages designed to equip you with the knowledge and communication tips that you need to positively and confidently advocate for veganism.

“I made this e-book with the goal of creating a resource that vegans can use to help them learn how to debunk and argue against the most common excuses that people use to try and justify not going vegan and continuing to harm animals.

Knowledge is power - and there really is not one single argument against veganism whatsoever. So once you have the knowledge, which I hope this e-book provides, the power is in your hands and nothing is stopping you from planting seeds in the minds of your family, friends and anyone else you discuss veganism with."

This e-book is entirely free to download, however if you'd like to donate towards the time it took to create, that would be hugely appreciated.” 


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